Bravecto Spot On for Dogs – 20 – 40kg



Bravecto’s easy treatment options offer longlasting flea and paralysis tick protection for your dog. A single treatment provides 6 months flea and paralysis tick protection with one spot-on.  That is a full year protection in just two easy doses. Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs also provides 12 week brown dog tick protection and approved for control of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).

Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs can be used in puppies from 8 weeks of age, weighing at least 2 kg and can be used in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs. Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs is available in 5 convenient weight ranges from 2 kg to 56 kg.

Directions of Use

1. Remove Bravecto Spot On from its child-safe packaging.

2. Hold the tube straight up, and give the cap one twist to break the seal. Please do not attempt to remove the cap as it does not come off.

3. Ensure the the animal’s back is horizontal. Part the hair and apply directly to the skin.

For very small and small dogs, apply in 2 spots along the back

For medium sized dogs, apply in 3 spots along the back

For large and very large dogs, apply in 4 spots along the back

During the tick season, daily searching and removal of ticks is still recommended.

Active Ingredient
1000mg Fluralaner

Do not use for cats or other species. Call poison information centre if swallowed.

Possible Side Effects
If side effects occur, persist or become more severe within a few days of administration, consult a veterinarian.

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